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We’re happy to share the thank you letters and personal essays from our Ewha scholarship recipients and their stories about each scholarship they’ve received. 

Photos of thank you letters

“Thank You” from Scholarship Recipients in the US.


Of the Ewha Foundation’s 190+ funds, 180 funds are dedicated for scholarships; although they are primarily granted to domestic students on Ewha’s campus, several of them are allocated to international students who either hope to study at Ewha W. University or aspire to pursue additional education in the United States upon graduating from Ewha. We would like to introduce the thank you letters sent from recipients of these scholarships. To apply for these scholarships, please visit

이화국제재단의 190개가 넘는 기금 중 장학기금은 180여개이다. 그 장학기금 대부분은 이화대학의 재학생들을 위한 장학기금이지만, 이화대학에서 공부를 하고 싶어하는 국제학생을 위한 장학금이나 이화를 졸업한 뒤 미국 현지에 유학을 와서 학위 공부를 하는 학생을 위한 장학기금도 있다. 여기서는 그 두 장학금을 받은 학생들이 보내온 감사편지를 소개하고자 한다. 이 장학금 신청은 이화여자대학교 국제재단 웹사이트 에서 할 수 있다.

Gloria Hahn Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Franziska Zoë Lee

Stepping onto Ewha’s campus for the first time, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was, from the gleaming architectural feat that is ECC to the elegant gothic buildings to the natural landscape ensconced between them. Standing in the deep, quiet shade of the gingko trees, I almost forgot the clamor
and heat of the city around us. It was amazing to me that my grandmother had stood here some sixty years before, a student like me.

Every morning, I went to Traditional Korean Ceramics, a studio class where I got to work with clay for three hours and let my worries go.  I was a total beginner to ceramics, but I was able to pick up new techniques and make work I really liked—coasters, cups, a candle-holder shaped like a tiger. In the afternoons, I took High Advanced Korean, a rigorous academic environment that perpetually pushed me to learn more. I filled an entire notebook with new vocabulary and grammar patterns.

The only other time I’d been to Korea was years ago, on a brief trip to meet family. This trip was entirely different—I had the time to settle into the rhythm of life in Seoul for a month, exploring all the city had to offer. I adapted to the heat and to the sudden downpours of rain. With a transportation card, I could get anywhere I wanted easily via bus or subway. I wandered through different neighborhoods, ate the best food in the world, and biked along the Han River. My favorite part of living in Seoul was going
to cafés, which are unparalleled in New York. I could spend hours there reading, studying, or chatting with friends.

Through the Ewha program, I was also able to go on field trips and get a broader taste of Korean culture. I really enjoyed getting a tour of Jogyesa and visiting the National Museum of Korea with my ceramics class. The country has so much rich history I’d never gotten the chance to learn.

I have always felt displaced from my Korean heritage, but my improving grasp of Korean, thanks to class, strengthened my connection to my family. I spent one weekend in Busan with relatives who didn’t speak any English, something I couldn’t have done on my own before. There are so many amazing, intelligent, and kind people on the other side of the world, who care for me even though they have never known me. I just have to be able to reach out. I am so grateful to the Ewha Foundation for the opportunity. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Franziska Zoë Lee is studying English at Columbia University in New York, NY. She is a granddaughter of an Ewha alumna. There are four scholarships for the Ewha International (Co-Ed) Summer College program:

1) The Bishop Sharon Z. Rader Scholarship for American and Canadian students of non-Korean descent,
2) The Southern California Alumnae Summer School
Scholarship for students both of Korean and non-Korean descent, which prioritizes residents in zip codes 900XX-928XX but is also open to those from other areas as well,
3) The Gloria Hahn (a.k.a. Ronyoung Kim) Memorial Scholarship for Korean- Americans
currently residing in the US, and
4) The Dr. Ira & Chang Hyun Shin Geer Scholarship for students from developing countries.

Ms. Franziska Zoë Lee received the Gloria Hahn Memorial Scholarship.

Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Tammy Sunju Lee

Tammy Sunju Lee, one of the Appenzeller Scholarship recipients 2022, graduated Ewha W. University majoring in International Studies in 2016 and received M.A. in Economics from Duke University. She is currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Economics at the University of Michigan –
Ann Arbor.

The friends of Dr. Alice Appenzeller established this scholarship in remembrance of Dr. Alice Appenzeller’s dedication to the advancement of Christian higher education for Korean women. Dr. Appenzeller, the first American born in Korea, was the Second President of Ewha College (1922-1939). Ewha graduates who exhibit outstanding scholastic achievement and pursue Christian service in the field of education are eligible
for the Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship.

The company of my father went bankrupt and he had to quit his job there. Our family was in economic distress because my parents had relatives and families to support. This severe situation made me stand on my own feet. Looking back, I now appreciate this opportunity for me to grow independent … I think it is only right for me to employ myself in helping underprivileged. I could always count on my blessings and I want to share this spirit with others by giving assistance to needy, using my knowledge and life learned lessons.

Buseon Kang

Susan Ruby Lamb Memorial Scholarship

When I was an adolescent, I worried and wondered a lot about my future. Until I was in high school, I had no prospect about my future. However, thanks to my counselors and teachers, I have been changed and found my vision in the field of education. They always listened to my troubles with open heart and showed empathy to my concerns. Since then, it became my dream to grow up to become a teacher who sincerely cares for her students. I have decided to become an English teacher and currently am enrolled in many education courses. Throughout my courses, not only do I want to improve my English skills but I also want to build a righteous character as a teacher.

Kyung-Joo Kim

Susan Ruby Lamb Memorial Scholarship

Because my parents got divorced when I was a child, I never received any financial support from my father. My mother is the only source of income for our family; however, due to the nature of her job, we do not have a very steady income. To make things worse, she had a spinal surgery a few years ago and is not in a good health condition… Moreover, I have a mentally retarded brother whom cannot socially interact or adapt to societal norms. Because he needs a guardian to look after him, I rush home every day, which makes it nearly impossible for me to make an income. … After I graduate and start working, I will surely engage myself in voluntary activities continuously. I want to support poor children and allow them to have a chance to study and to obtain the necessities of life. In particular, I want to help the mentally disabled students participate in developing social skills

Yeon-Woo Kim

Kilchai K. Yim Memorial Scholarship