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Giving Spirit In Ewha DNA  –  Fund News

A few years ago, an alumna and cherished friend of Ewha established her first scholarship fund for her Alma Mater. Drawing on her experiences as a recipient of scholarships from US missionaries during her undergraduate years, she explained that “Giving is in our Ewha DNA”.

Remarkably, the International Foundation for Ewha W. University has continued to see sustained growth in its support network of partners who are interested in establishing new scholarship funds. We’d like to introduce the recently established funds that exhibit how the giving spirit in the Ewha DNA is being passed down to the next generation of students.

“베풀고 나누는 마음이 우리 이화 유전자에 있지요.” – 수년전 장학기금을 설립하면서 어느 동창 기부자가 한 말이다. 그녀는 학부시절 미국 선교사로부터 장학금을 받았던 경험을 잊지 못하며 감사하고 있다고 한다. 이화여자대학교 국제재단은 이런 마음으로 국제재단의 나눔에 동참하는 파트너 후원자들이 늘고 있음에 감사한다. 여기 지난 1년 동안에 새로 세워진 장학기금을 통해, 이화의 유전자에 새겨진 ‘베풀고 나누는’ 인자가 어떻게 미래 세대에로 이어지는지 소개하고자 한다.

Chong Kwan & Jai Sook Sun Park Scholarship Fund

Board member Dr. Jai Sook Sun Park (Waterloo, IL) and her husband Dr. Chong Kwan Park joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society, establishing a permanently restricted fund with a goal amount of $100,000. With their initial gift of $30,000, The Chong Kwan & Jai Sook Sun Park Scholarship Fund was launched on December 23, 2021 to support medical students in need of financial aid. 

Through their giving, Dr. Jai Sook Sun Park hopes to advance the frontier of medical education at Ewha: “We are so happy to finally establish the fund. I am always thankful for the education I have received at Ewha W. University, which equipped me to continue my profession as a physician for more than 40 years. It is time to give it back to Ewha. I was excited to see the remarkable development of the University and Ewha Medical Center. I want my alma mater to develop further and become more prosperous.”  

Dr. Jai Sook Sun Park (’72 Medicine) received the “Shining Ewha Alumna Award” at the 133rd Anniversary Ewha Alumnae Commemoration Ceremony in 2019.

Photo: Drs. Chong Kwan & Jai Sook Sun Park in front of the Pfeiffer Hall, Ewha W. University

Dr. Young-Hee Lowe International Scholarship Fund

Dr. Young-Hee Lowe (’56 Pharmacy, New York, NY) has been a steadfast supporter of Ewha. She is already a Helen Kim Leadership Society member with an established scholarship fund for the College of Pharmacy. Each year, Ewha’s domestic students benefit from the revenue generated from the fund’s $160,000 principal investment. 

On December 2021, she established an additional scholarship fund for Ewha’s international students. After discovering that many students from other countries want to study at Ewha but lack the financial resources to do so, she started an international scholarship fund with the initial gift of $50,000. When the goal amount of $100,000 is reached, the income from the fund will be distributed as scholarships for international students in need of financial aid regardless of their nationality and major.

Fareed Siddiq Scholarship Fund

Board member Mr. Fareed Siddiq established a permanently restricted scholarship fund with an initial gift of $10,000 on December 23, 2021. With a pledge of $100,000 to the fund, he has joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society. When the fund reaches its goal amount, it will be used for the scholarship for Muslim student(s). 

By making an Ewha education more accessible to Muslim students, he seeks to enhance the inter-religious conversation on campus: “I got involved in Ewha Foundation when they had their meeting in Cleveland. Dr. Jung Jin El-Mallawany motivated me to set up a fund to give scholarships to Muslim students who are attending Ewha W. University. I want to build bridges between Islam and other religions. In addition, the recipients of the scholarship funds will be able to build bridges between Islam and other faiths.” Mr. and Mrs. Siddiq and their four children live in Aurora, Ohio.

Photo: Mr. Fareed Siddiq

Heasook Ahn & Jaeyun Kum Scholarship Fund

A permanently restricted scholarship fund was established by Mrs. Heasook Ahn (’74 Nursing) and her
husband Mr. Jaeyun Kum on November 16, 2021, with an initial gift of $20,000. It will primarily be used
to support students at the College of Nursing Science who are members of Student Government. Mrs.
Kum has stated her own participation in student council activities revealed how important student self-
government is not only for their own growth, but also how crucial it is for the development of the
university. Therefore, it is her hope that this scholarship will be used to encourage altruistic and
community-oriented students to take time out of their busy studies to serve fellow students and the

Mrs. Kum believes it was not a coincidence that she chose Ewha among many universities: “From the
first day of the school year I received a lot of love from my seniors and professors. While serving on the
Student Council, I fell in love with the tradition, charm and spirit of Ewha and took great pride in our
school. Even after graduating and immigrating, I had a job that corresponded with my field of expertise.
While working in the US, I felt the pride of being an Ewha graduate even more strongly. Now that I am
retired, I want to return the love and grace I received from Ewha to my proud juniors. I am praying for
the prosperity and development of Ewha.” 

Mr. and Mrs. Kum joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society with a goal amount of $100,000, which they
plan to meet within 2-3 years. They live in Cerritos, CA.

Photo: Mr. Jaeyun & Mrs. Heasook Ahn Kum

Jung Hee (Paik) Lee & Eui In Lee Scholarship Fund

On January 27, 2022, Mrs. Jung Hee Paik Lee (’74 Nursing) and her husband Mr. Eui In Lee
established a permanently restricted scholarship fund with an initial gift of $25,000. Previously, Mrs. Lee
sponsored the Nursing Science Building project and the Ewha Vision 2030+ project. Additionally, as a
resident of Lexington, MA, she currently serves as the treasurer for the Boston Chapter of Ewha’s
Alumnae Association. “As an alumnae staff member, preparing for the 2023 Ewha W. Univ. United
Alumnae Chapter of North America and hosting the International Foundation for Ewha W. University
board meeting inspired us to provide additional support for my alma mater”.

Together, Mr. & Mrs. Lee have created new scholarship funds for their respective alma maters. Through
their giving, they hope to increase accessibility to higher education for young women who are studying
at Ewha amidst financial difficulties. After reaching an initial goal amount of $50,000, the income from
the fund will primarily be used to support Christian students at the Nursing Science College who have
maintained an average grade of B or above throughout their undergraduate studies.

Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Eui In & Jung Hee Paik Lee

Miry Cho & Dr. Byung-Choo Moon Scholarship Fund

Board member of Toronto, Canada Mrs. Miry Cho Moon (BFA ’81 Ceramics, MFA ’83 Ceramics) and her husband Dr. Byung-Choo Moon established a permanently restricted scholarship fund on September 30, 2021 with the initial gift of U$ 10,000.  The goal amount has yet to be determined. The exchange rate and the lack of tax exemption benefits serve as barriers for Canadians who give to the Foundation in the U.S. Nevertheless, they hope that the fund will be used for the Division of Fine Arts, College of Art & Design.

Through compassionate generosity, Mrs. Miry Cho Moon hopes to support the women of the future: “I have worked as one of the directors of the International Foundation for Ewha W. University board since 2021. Through this experience, I have come to learn about the Ewha Foundation’s critical role in the development of Ewha University over the past 50 years, and I have come to respect the devotion of the Foundation’s members to our cause. The alumnae and friends of Ewha from all over North America appreciate what we have received from Ewha, and that we continue to receive benefits from our connection to the school, even today. Women’s education is important, not only at Ewha but all over the globe. Now, it seems that we should work together and complete the big picture of women’s education not only in Ewha but also in the world. When small warm considerations paint a larger sketch for the future to come, we can all feel the reward of life.”

Photo: Dr. & Mrs. Byung-Choo & Miry Cho Moon

Sangwol & Kwang Yun Lee Social Work Scholarship Fund

Joining the Helen Kim Leadership Society, Baylor University professor Dr. Kwang Yun Lee established the Sangwol & Kwang Yun Lee Social Work Scholarship Fund with a gift of $100,000 on March 7, 2022. Mrs. Sangwol Lee passed away on Sunday, August 22, 2021, in Waco, Texas.  In memory of Mrs. Sangwol Lee, Dr. Lee expanded upon the role Ewha played in her fruitful life:

“Sangwol (’61 Social Work) loved Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and she loved to share His love with everyone. She had many very dear friends in the Ewha Family across Korea and the United States. Her talent in hospitality and discipleship impacted many students and visiting international scholars over the years at Penn State and Baylor Universities. She lost one lung to tuberculosis, but after long and difficult recovery, she enrolled in the Dep. of Social Work in Ewha W. University in 1961, earning her BA in 1965 and MA in 1969.”

Dr. & Mrs. Lee have always wished to share the spiritual and material blessings they received from God, with students who are in need. If recipients of this scholarship want to express their appreciation, the Lees hope that they would someday share their blessings with others who are similarly in need.

Photo: Dr. Kwang Yun Lee & Mrs. Sangwol Lee

Seungyun Choi (함순영/Soon Young Ham) Scholarship Fund

Dr. Junho Choi, along with his sons Charles and John, established a temporarily restricted scholarship fund in memory of their beloved wife and mother Seungyun Choi (Korean name: Soon Young Ham, ’69 Textile & Clothing). Establishing a fund with $50,000 on February 1, 2022, they wish to sponsor the distribution of an annual scholarship of 10,000 over 5 years. Remaining funds in excess of the annual scholarship should be awarded for an additional year(s) or be completely distributed in the 5th year. Annually, $5,000 will be granted to the Department of Korean Language and Literature, College of Liberal Arts, which upholds Mrs. Choi’s interests in literature and writing. Another $5,000 will be gifted to the Department of Fashion Industry, College of Science & Industry Convergence, which corresponds to Mrs. Choi’s degree. The scholarship will be given to students who exhibit academic/artistic excellence, financial need, and leadership.

Mrs. Choi enjoyed art, music, literature and floral arrangements. She was also a gifted writer and a great storyteller. This devoted wife, loving mother, and dear friend of many people passed away in 2021.

Photo: Seungyun Choi a.k.a. Soon Young Ham

Sin Ok Hong Memorial Scholarship Fund

Suwanee, GA alumna Dr. Jung Ja Hong (’66 Medicine) established a permanently restricted scholarship fund with $30,000 on July 15, 2022. The scholarship is named after her beloved sister Ms. Sin Ok Hong (’73 Religious Music) who passed away in 2020. After graduating in 1973, Ms. Hong worked as an employee at Ewha W. University for 28 years. After retiring from the University, she immigrated to the US in 2003, where she studied kindergarten education while working as a kindergarten teacher. In 2009, she was sent to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa, with the support of the Nashville Presbyterian Korean Church (Tennessee), and served as a missionary till 2018. While in Dar Es Salaam, she founded <Faith
Kindergarten>. However, her missionary work was not limited to kindergarteners; she shared the Good News of Jesus and God’s love with the children at Sunday Schools and the students at the United African University of Tanzania. 

Dr. Hong said her sister was always happy and lived a life full of gratitude: “Especially, Sin Ok used to thank God for giving her the opportunity, at the age of 62, to serve as a missionary to participate in His Mission she always wanted to do in Africa.” She is grateful to the churches, friends, and family who supported her sister through prayer and financial support and wishes for her sister’s generosity to be remembered through this scholarship fund. The Sin Ok Hong Memorial Scholarship will be used to support international students from developing countries who need financial assistance.

Photo: Ms. Sin Ok Hong in Tanzania

Steve & Sonja Joo Curry Scholarship Fund

On January 13, 2022, board member Mrs. Sonja Joo Curry (’89 German Literature) and her husband Mr. Steve Curry in Jasper, GA established a permanently restricted scholarship fund with an initial gift of $10,000. With a total pledge of $100,000, they have joined Helen Kim Leadership Society. When it reaches its goal amount, all income from the fund will be given to Christian student(s) majoring in Music to finance their tuition.   

They stated that, “we have always been involved with Christian music in each church we have been members of.  Over time we have found that one of the biggest problems that churches face has been a lack of funding for choir directors and for soloists when required. Until recently, we have never been able to afford the funds to support Christian music or to support Christian musicians; however, we now have the financial capacity to support Christian musicians. We are truly supportive of any Christian ministry; now that we are financially secure, we can open our hearts to do what we have always wanted do.”

Photo: Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Sonja Joo Curry

Thomas & Jeewan Kim Hong Family Scholarship Fund

Board Member Thomas Hong, Esq. and his wife Mrs. Jeewan Kim Hong (’89, Library), their daughter Danica Hong, Esq. and son Mr. Joseph Hong established a family scholarship fund with an initial gift of $30,000 on March 14, 2022. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hong have always wanted to support the Ewha students through scholarships. When they finally decided to establish a fund, their children Danica and Joseph wanted to join in giving to their mother’s alma mater. Mrs. Hong attributes her generous spirit to the Christ-centered education that she received at Ewha: “I know there are alumnae who entered to Ewha without faith, attended Ewha’s compulsory chapel, and became Christians later in their lives. To me, the existence of Ewha, which fosters this Christian faith, is so precious. I learned about the spirit of sharing and giving, the basic teaching of Christianity, at Ewha. I wanted to put that into practice. I heard that a senior (“Sunbae”) in the Library Science gives a lot to my alma mater. I am happy and honored to join this giving. I hope that the establishment of this scholarship fund will contribute to the education of future leaders at Ewha and ignite a fire for sharing and giving.”  
The Hong family lives in Fairfax, VA. When it reaches its goal amount of $50,000, the scholarship will support students in financial need who major in Library Science. After reaching their pledged amount, they plan to continue adding gifts to the principal.

Photo: Thomas Hong, Esq. and Mrs. Jeewan Kim Hong with their children, Joseph and Danica

New Fund Established: Joulja Juliet Kim Song Scholarship

Dr. Youngdahl Song and Dr. Joulja Juliet Kim Song (’65 Med) established a fund with an original gift of $310,000 in August 2021. The gift of $300,000 is for a permanently restricted fund and the remaining$10,000 in the temporary fund will be allocated to the inaugural scholarship disbursement in 2021. In honor of their passion for the medical field, the fund will be distributed through full-tuition scholarships to students enrolled at the Medical College who are in need of financial aid with a good academic standing. The incoming freshwomen will also be eligible for the scholarship. “We firmly believe in the value of education at Ewha W. University has provided Joulja with a sound basis upon which she built her successful career as an anesthesiologist in the United States. We would like to give the same opportunity to students at Ewha Medical College.”, Dr. Youngdahl Song said. Dr. Joulja Juliet Kim Song retired in 2004 and Dr. Youngdahl Song in 1997 and now live in Florida. They have three daughters (Arleen, Julie, and Paula) who are all professionally active.

(Photo: Drs. Youngdahl & Jeol-ja Kim Song, their daughters Arleen, Julie and Paula from left.)

New Fund Established: Yoon Joo and Sook Ja Choi Lee

Mrs. Sook Ja Choi Lee (’69 Library) from the Washington DC alumnae chapter and her husband Dr. Yoon Joo Lee established a permanently restricted fund with an initial gift of $10,000 on August 10th, 2021. They have not yet determined any stipulations or decided on a goal amount. As they established the fund, they stated that “We regret that we started giving to Ewha too late. We should have done so a long time ago. We are blessed with many things. Most of all, we are blessed with our children who are faithful Christians and devoted to helping marginalized people. We know that the Ewha Foundation is a sound and trustworthy organization. Thus, we ask the Ewha Foundation to use our donations for the most necessary areas for Ewha University: whether it be through a scholarship fund, research fund, or whatever else.” They have been very sincere and steady donors who have helped with many campaigns for the university. They will continue to give to the Foundation annually through their family foundation.

(Photo: Dr. Yoon Joo & Mrs. SookJa Choi Lee and their children)

New Fund Established: Sang Kee Minn, MD and Youn Cho Minn Scholarship

Mrs. Youn Cho Minn (’61 Pharmacy) from New York, NY, established a permanently restricted scholarship fund on July 29, 2021. With aninitial gift of $5,000 and a goal amount of $70,000. It will be a general scholarship fund for the students in need of financial assistance. Her deceased husband Dr. Minn was a generous person to underprivileged people. “My husband’s assistant often called me and complained that he treated a patient without charge. When I asked him about it in the evening, he always answered the patient had no money. That’s why all of my children look up to him so highly and are proud of their father”, said Mrs. Minn.She expressed that she hopes to be a help for students in need without regard for her own possessions. When the goal is reached, only the investment income will be used for the scholarship.

(Photo: Mrs. Youn Cho Minn & Dr. Sang Kee)

New Fund Established: Waun Ki and Mi Hwa Yoo Hong Scholarship

Former Foundation board member Mrs. Mi Hwa Yoo Hong (’66 English) from Houston, TX, (who now lives in Newport Beach, CA), has established a permanently restricted fund on April 19, 2021 with an initial gift of $35,000. She has pledged to give another $35,000 in the coming year and then an additional $30,000 in 2023 so that the fund may reach its goal amount of $100,000 within three years. With this pledge she has joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society. This fund will be allocated to Christian Medical students in need of financial aid. Mrs. Hong said, “I am so delighted to finally establish the scholarship fund which I longed for during the eight years I served the Foundation board. Then, we had to fulfill the pledges my husband made to various schools and organizations. Now, that I have kept almost all of the promises he made while he was alive, I would like to turn to my Alma Mater and support Ewha.” During her tenure on the board she was known for consistently going the extra mile for the Ewha International Alumnae Endowment.

(Photo: Mrs. MiHwaYoo Hong & Dr. Waun Ki)

New Fund Established: Moon Sook Choi-Chung MD & Il Whan Chung MD Scholarship

On December 10, 2020, Dr. Moon Sook Choi-Chung in Sylva, NC, established a scholarship fund with an initial gift of $10,000. She graduated Ewha University Medical School in 1966. With Dr. Choi-Chung’s generous gift, the students of the College of Medicine will be able to study without financial worries. The goal amount will be decided at a later date. After the goal amount is reached, the total interest and income will be used as scholarships for students majoring in Medicine. Dr. Choi-Chung is delighted and thankful to see the development and accomplishments of both Ewha University and the hospitals of today. She has always had Ewha in her heart and felt indebted to the institution. Now, she thinks that it is time to pay back to the university which played a pivotal role in shaping her into the person she is today. Thus, she set up this permanently restricted fund, which she named after herself and her deceased husband. In her words, “I am blessed that I can help Ewha”.

(Photo: Drs. Moon Sook Choi-Chung &IlWhan Chung, and their sons Chris and Charles)

New Fund Established: Jungsil Cho & Jae Yoon Ro Scholarship

Dr. Jungsil Cho Ro (’72 Med), a board member in Houston, TX, and her husband Dr. Jae Yoon Ro established a permanently restricted fund on December 31, 2020. With their initial gift of $10,000 and a goal amount of $100,000, they have joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society. After the goal amount is reached, the investment income from the principal will be used for the Jungsil Cho & Jae Yoon Ro Scholarship for the Medical School. Dr. Ro realized that there have been many underprivileged students in the Medical School. “The tuition for Medical School has been very high for many students. Today, some medical schools in the U.S. and a school in Korea waive the tuition for their education. I hope that Ewha Medical School becomes a tuition free school like those schools in the future. My gift could be just a small addition in establishing such a direction”, said Dr. Ro. 

(Photo: Drs. Jae Yoon & Jungsil Cho Ro)

New Fund Established: Song-Mee Maietta Yoon-Smith Scholarship

Foundation board member Dr. Soon-Young  Yoon and her husband Mr. Richard Smith established a new scholarship fund, with a gift of $100,000 on September 1, 2020, in honor of their daughter’s hopes and dreams for her generation. This temporarily restricted fund is to support the education of deserving disadvantaged students regardless their nationality. The annual scholarship distributions would amount to $10,000 or 10 percent of the fund (with its accrued value from investment). They have been generous donors for the school projects and the Foundation’s administration. Dr. Yoon is not an Ewha graduate, but her teaching experience at Ewha University made her contribute to make Ewha a strong educational force for the future. Dr. Yoon and Mr. Smith are Helen Kim Heritage Society members who included Ewha Foundation in their will, allocating a percentage of their charitable giving for the University. With the gift for this scholarship fund, they also joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society, who gave more than $100,000 to the Foundation.

New Fund Established: SHL International Scholarship

On February 10, 2020, an anonymous donor established her second scholarship fund with the initial gift of $50,000. The purpose of this permanently restricted fund is for the international students who need financial aid to study in Ewha campus. Her first scholarship fund with the principal of $300,000 has helped many students regardless their major.  In addition to it, she established this second scholarship fund, when she heard that not only the students from the developing countries but also the third or fourth generation of Korean-Japanese seek the financial help to study in Ewha.  After reaching its goal amount of $200,000, the income of this fund will be used for scholarships. She said, “I don’t need any jewelry or luxury bags. I hope students in need can study without worrying about tuition fees.”

New Fund Established: N. Texas Alumnae Scholarship

On November 25, 2019, the Alumnae Association of North Texas established a scholarship fund with the initial gift of $2,000. From this permanently restricted fund, after reaching its goal amount $20,000, the income will be used for Ewha Students in need. The North Texas alumnae planned to reach the goal amount within this year, hosting the annual meeting of the United Alumnae Chapters of North America and the International Foundation for Ewha W. University this fall. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19, they turned it into the virtual meeting, but they try their best to reach the goal as soon as possible.  They said, “We would like to give a chance to any student who likes to challenge to continue education.”

Ewha International Alumnae Endowment, 1 Million Goal Reached

In May 2012, the Ewha International Alumnae Endowment remained at $250,000.  Then, the fundraising drive with a goal of $1,000,000 had started with the focus set on alumnae participation.  The goal would be reached if each alumna living in North America donated $100 per year for 5 years.  In September 2018, after 6 years of fundraising, the goal amount had been reached.  For this the International Foundation is deeply thankful to all those that participated.  Especially to the donor that took part in matching dollar for dollar up to $50,000 for two years straight, as well the donor who followed the matching gift by donating $50,000.  We want to thank all those who participated by responding to the two matching gift donors.  The International Foundation will now be able to support various projects at Ewha University through the investment income from the $1,000,000 raised.  The united effort from all alumnae in North America will be used well throughout their alma mater. All future donations received will be added on to the fund in order to increase the investment income used to support the University.

지난 2012년 5월, 당시 $250,000 에 머물렀던 이화해외동창기금(Ewha International Alumnae Dnowment) 의 목표액을  1백만불로 새로 설정하고 동창중심으로 모금운동이 시작되었습니다. 미주지역에 거주하는  1명의 동창이  1년에  $100 씩  5년을 하면 된다는 것이었습니다. 드디어 6년만인  2018년 9월, 기금은 그목표액인 백만불에 이르게 되었습니다. 이에 국제재단은 크고 작은액수로 모금에 참여하신 모든 분들께 깊이 감사를 드립니다. 특히 $1 to $1  matching gift 5만불을 2년연속해주신기부자님, 또다른5만불로matching gift 대열에 합류해주신 기부자님, 이 두 분의matching 약속에 호응해주신 수많은기부자님들께 감사드립니다. 이제 국제재단은 이 백만불로부터 나오는 투자수익으로 매년 이화대학의 다양한프로젝트를 도울 것입니다. 미주지역 동창분들의 십시일반 도움이 모교 곳곳에서 소중히 쓰일것입니다.  앞으로 이 기금을 위해 주시는 모든 기부금은 원금에 더해져 더많은 수익금으로 이화대학에 쓰일 것입니다.