Helen Kim Society

Dr. Helen Kim, the 7th president of Ewha from 1939 to 1961, was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to prosper Ewha and open up the future for young women of Korea. Fifty years ago in 1970, Dr. Helen Kim and a group of friends from North America gathered together to dream a dream- a big dream. They formed a Foundation that would assemble resources and funds, provide scholarship assistance, and tell the story of a small but mighty university: Ewha Womans University. Throughout the decades, many others have joined and participated in supporting the growth of Ewha and the Foundation.

In 2010, International Foundation of Ewha Womans University launches Helen Kim Society in memory of Dr. Kim’s dedication and love for Ewha and commemoration of the Foundation’s 40 years service.   

The Society consists of three parts: the “Helen Kim Heritage Society” includes donors who include Ewha foundation in their will, and the “Helen Kim Leadership Society” includes donors who give over $100,000 for scholarships.  In 2017 – 2018, the Foundation decided to include donors who give $100,000 over time to be part of the Helen Kim Society and named it “Helen Kim Vision Society”.  The donors who donated $100,000 already or accumulates up to $100,000 for the Foundation’s endowment.

The Helen Kim Society members will be awarded with the “Alice Appenzeller Award” (an honoring certificate), which recognizes the special role of Alice Appenzeller in the history of the Foundation. With special acknowledgement by the Foundation President, your name will be published in the Newsletter as well as the Website.

Heritage Society

The Helen Kim Heritage Society includes donors who include Ewha foundation in their will.

Leadership Society

The Helen Kim Leadership includes the donors who established a scholarship fund with donated or pledged $100,000 or more.

Vision Society

The Helen Kim Vision Society includes the donors who donated $100,000 already or accumulates up to $100,000 for the Foundations endowment.