Helen Kim Leadership Society

The Helen Kim Leadership includes the donors who established a scholarship fund with donated or pledged $100,000 or more. We currently have 61 members.

List of our Leadership Society members
  • Barbara Eunok Yang Choi Scholarship
  • Byung Joon & Bok Hyung Lee Scholarship
  • Chang Ho & Song Nam Choe Suk Scholarship
  • Chang Hyun Shin Geer Scholarship
  • Choon-Hi Choi Kahng Mem. Scholarship (Raymond Kahng & Children)
  • Constance Y. Pak Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Young Mo & Sang Yeon Kim Lee Scholarship
  • Dr. Young Sook Park Medical Research Fund
  • Dr. Young-Hee Lowe Scholarship
  • Drs. Bumsun & Hyang Won Lee Medical Scholarship
  • Drs. Hai Won Chang & Soon Man Rhim Scholarship
  • Drs. Moonja Chung & Chanjong Park Med. Fund
  • Duck Hyang Yu & Suk Youn Suh Scholarship
  • Dukchin Kim M.D. & Seon Choo Chung Kim Scholarship Fund
  • Eulju Kim Scholarship
  • Gary & Seungsoon Cha Konarska Scholarship
  • Haesoon Lee MD & Chang Shim MD Med. Scholarship
  • Harriett P. Morris Memorial Scholarship
  • Heeyul Lee Cho Scholarship
  • Henrietta Gibson Ledden Scholarship
  • Hong, Kyung Joo Scholarship
  • Hwain Chang Lee Scholarship
  • Hwaja Lee Rhee Scholarship
  • Inshil Sohn Moon Memorial Scholarship
  • Jin Sung & Young Il Shin Chung Scholarship
  • Joulja Juliet Kim Song Scholarship Fund
  • Jung Hwa Lee Park Scholarship
  • Jungsil Cho & Jae Yoon Ro Scholarship Fund
  • Kathryne B. Sears Memorial Scholarship
  • Kilchai K. Yim Scholarship
  • Kim & El-Mallawany Family Scholarship (Amin & Jung Jin Kim El-Mallawany)
  • Margaret Okhi Park Choun Scholarship
  • Marian Sharrocks Intemann Scholarship (Suzanne Nelson)
  • Mindy HaeKyung Koh Kwon Scholarship
  • Miry Cho & Dr. Byung-Choo Moon Scholarship Fund
  • Mr. & Mrs. P. William Lee Scholarship
  • Myung Ja Kim & Chang Shub Roh Scholarship
  • Myung Sook Ha Chung Scholarship
  • Myung Soon Woo Chung Scholarship
  • Ok Kyun & Youngmoo Cho Kim Scholarship Fund
  • Okgill Kim Memorial Scholarship
  • Sang Kee Minn, MD & Youn Cho Minn Scholarship Fund
  • Sharon Z. Rader Scholarship
  • Shin Hyung Kim Memorial Scholarship (John Young Song Kim)
  • SHL International Scholarship Fund
  • Song-Mee Maietta Yoon-Smith Scholarship
  • Sook Hyun Lee Scholarship
  • Sung Hak Lee Choi Scholarship
  • Sunwha Hong Scholarship
  • Waun Ki & Mi Hwa Yoo Hong Scholarship Fund
  • Yoon Joo & Sook Ja Choi Lee Fund
  • Young Za Kim Scholarship
  • YungBok Park Koh Scholarship
  • Atlanta Alumnae Scholarship
  • Boston Alumnae Scholarship
  • Chicago Alumnae Fund
  • Detroit Alumnae Scholarship
  • Houston Alumnae Scholarship
  • New York Alumnae Scholarship
  • Northeastern Ohio Alumnae Scholarship
  • S. Califonia Alum. Summer School Scholarship
  • San Francisco Alumnae Scholarship
  • Southern California Alumnae Scholarship
  • Toronto Alumnae Scholarship
  • Washington, D.C. Alumnae Scholarship
  • College of Pharmacy Fund (College of Pharmacy Alumnae)
  • Medical School Research Fund (Medical School Alumnae)
  • Nursing Science Scholarship (Nursing Science Alumnae)

Interview with Kyung Joo Hong: Life of Paying Forward

Photo: Mrs Kyung Joo Hong 

Mrs. Kyung Joo Hong Yoon has provided assistance many times to Ewha, her Alma Mater. In particular, she started a scholarship fund with the gift of $100,000 and became a member of the Helen Kim Leadership Society. Besides the scholarship help, she has been helping Ewha University and the Foundation whenever asked,  like $100K for the Paju project which was  transferred to the “New Pharmacy School Building Project”. Her recently deceased husband, Dr. In-Bae Yoon, is also widely known to have generously provided funds to his Alma Mater, Yonsei University. Mrs. Yoon also serves as a director of the Foundation board.

홍경주(약대 ’62) 동창은 수차례에 걸쳐 많은 기금으로 모교 이화를 도왔다. 특히 10만불의 장학기금을 설립하며 헬렌킴 소사이어티의 일원이 되었다. 최근 세상을 떠난 () 윤인배 박사 역시 연세대학을 위해 아낌없이 베푼 것으로 유명하다. 동창은 국제재단 이사로도 봉사하고 있다.   

Q. Why did you establish the fund?

“I watched the movie, Pay it Forward (2000) at my daughter’s recommendation. This movie is based on the theme of <spreading help>.” Mrs. Kyung Joo Hong Yoon (’62 Pharmacy) from Baltimore started when asked about the reason why she established a scholarship fund with Ewha Foundation. Instead of helping someone and expecting the same in return, the person being helped will then be encouraged to help another person. As this chain of kindness and support continues, the world will become a better place. “As I watched the movie, I began to reflect and think of ways that I could make the world a better place. As I pondered, I reminisced about my years in college. I received good grades and did not face any financial hardships. In my third year, I was awarded a scholarship from HanDok Pharmaceuticals for my academic achievements. I had not expected to be chosen as a recipient because I was not financially challenged. This unexpected award gave me motivation and encouragement. I believe it gave me the strength to work harder and ultimately be chosen as a representative speaker at the graduation ceremony.  As a person on the receiving end, I also wanted to spread encouragement to others.”

“Another reason for establishing this fund is due to the influence of my late father, Boong Hee Hong. My father, who was an architect, also had an incident of spreading help.” Coincidentally, he was gracious enough to help a student with financial troubles by paying for his tuition and helping him graduate. Years later, that student became a very successful CEO of a construction company and expressed his gratitude by inviting her parents to Korea and acknowledging her father at their alumni meeting. It impressed her very much. Her father literally lived by these words, ‘You should invest in people,’ and ‘You should live to nurture others.’

The qualifications for her scholarship are set to be for one student with outstanding academic achievements, and for another student facing financial difficulties. She wants to spread encouragement to the excelling student, and courage to the struggling student.

“Today, we are experiencing a tremendous level of advancements in Korea,” she said. “I believe that people’s passion for education shaped Korea into what it is today. If people are well-educated, society will be able to develop right before our eyes. All in all, I believe that the most important thing is to grow and nurture people.”

“I hope that the students who receive my scholarship will also be encouraged to help and nurture their own underclassmen. I am also sharing my story in the hopes of inspiring others to fundraise and to establish their own scholarships. Instead of wasting time and effort glamorizing outer appearances, spreading encouragement and helping others to succeed will naturally make you shine. I sincerely hope that the Foundation’s scholarships will help students prepare to thrive in the future.”

Q. 기금을 설립하신 이유가 무엇입니까?

딸의 권유로 Pay it Forward(2000) 라는 영화를 보았다. 영화는도움나누기 대한 영화이다.  내가 도움을 내가 다시 되돌려 받는 것이 아니라, 도움을 받은 사람이 다른 사람을 도움으로써, 도움의 손길이 계속 번져나가다 보면 세상이 아름다워질 것이라는 주제를 다루고 있다. 영화를 보며 나는 세상을 아름답게 만들기 위해 무엇을 있을까 생각하게 되었다. 그러다  대학시절이 떠올랐다. 대학시절 성적은 좋은 편이었고, 재정적인 어려움은 겪지 않았다. 그런데 3학년 한독약품에서 성적 최우수자에게 주는 장학금을 받게 되었다. 재정적으로 어렵지 않았기에 생각지도 않았던 장학금을 받은 것이 당시 내게 매우 격려가 되었다. 졸업식 학생대표로 답사를 있었던 것도 이런 격려를 받은 힘이 동력이 되었다고 생각한다.  나도 그렇게 다른 사람에게 격려를 주는 사람이 되고 싶었다.   

또한 친정아버지(홍붕휘) 영향도 컸다. 건축가셨던 아버지께서 우연히 가정형편이 어려워 졸업을 못하게 학생의 학비를 도와줘 졸업을 있게 해주셨던 일이 있었다. 아버지는 학생에 대해 잊고 계셨는데, 학생이 나중에 건축가로 크게 성공하여 아버지 덕분에 자신의 오늘날이 있게 되었다면서 아버지께 감사를 표한 적이 있었다. 아버지께서 하신 말씀이 있다: ‘투자는 사람에게 해야 한다‘, ‘사람을 키워야 한다.’ 

나는 장학기금의 조건을 성적이 우수한 학생과 재정적으로 어려운 학생에게 각기 주도록 설정하였다. 우수한 학생의 면학을 장려하고, 어려운 학생에게는 용기를 주고 싶었다.

오늘 우리는 한국의 놀라운 발전을 보고 있다. 나는 한국인의 학구열이 가진것 없는 한국을 살렸다고 생각한다. 교육을 잘해 놓으면 언젠가는 사회가 발전하는 것을 있다. 다른 무엇보다도 사람을 키우는 일이 가장 중요하다고 믿는다.

바라기는, 장학금을 받는 학생들도 다음에 후배들을 키우는 사람들이 되기를 바란다. 내가 이렇게 이야기를 소개하는 것도 같은 이유이다. 많은 사람들이 장학금 모금에 신경 써주고, 장학기금을 세워주기를 바란다. 스스로를 가꾸는 것보다 사람을 빛나게 하는 것은, 역시 다른 사람들을 격려해주고 세워주어 미래를 설계할 있도록 돕는 일일 것이다. 학생들의 미래를 준비하는 이화국제재단의 장학기금이 날로 번성하기를 바란다.

Hwaja Lee Rhee Scholarship Fund

Photo: Dr. Hwaja Lee Rhee

Dr. Hwaja Lee Rhee was able to reach her goal amount of 100,000 taking advantage of the new law – Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act, known as IRA Charitable Rollover. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can also give to Ewha Foundation directly from your  IRA account. Please consult with your accountant or financial advisor.

이화자 박사는 2015년부터 시행된 법을 이용하여 장학기금 목표액 10만불에 도달할 있었다.  흔히 연금기부금 연장법(IRA Charitable Rollover)이라 불리는 세법에 따르면, 70½ 이상의 연령자는 자신의 연금구좌에서 직접 비영리 면세단체에 기부금을 있게 되어 있으며, 액수의 상한선은 $100,000이다. 관심있는 분은 자신의 재정담당자와 의논하기 바란다.       

How it works
  • If you are 70½ or older, you can give up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to charities such as International Foundation for Ewha W. Univ.
  • The transfer generates neither taxable income nor a tax deduction, so you still benefit even if you do not itemize your tax deductions.
  • If you have not taken your required minimum distribution for the year, your IRA charitable rollover gift can satisfy all or part of that requirement.
  • The transfer may be made in addition to any other charitable giving you have planned.
Q. Background on establishing the fund

As the top graduate of Ewha Womans Unveristy Medical School in 1965, Dr. Hwaja Lee Rhee received a presidential gold medal.  She became a pathology specialist and worked at Cook County Hospital in Chicago for 25 years, working for public service, resident training, and etc. Afterwards, she joined pathology group practice and worked at Victory Memorial Hospital and Vista Health System for 20 years until her retirement in 2012. Upon her retirement, she received Outstanding Service Award from Vista Health System.

Being a Ewha Special Scholarship student herself, she was able to successfully finish her studies at Ewha. She wanted to help financially with educating the brightest young minds of Ewha because she always felt grateful towards Ewha and wanted to support her HooBae – fellow juniors.

She said, “In the Ewha Campus, where the atmosphere of freedom was given to women, I was able to grow and dream, build everlasting friendships, and bond with my seniors and juniors during those six years. Even after half a century, these experiences still work as my motivation for life.”

She wants to share her hope, which is “all alumnae will participate in fund-raisers and donate to the school wholeheartedly so that Ewha Womans University, aiming to be the best women’s university in the world, can educate and produce the most talented and prominent women leaders.”

Q. 기금을 설립하신 이유

이화자 박사는 1965 이화여자대학교 의과대학 수석졸업생으로서 총장금메달을 수상하였다. 도미후 병리학전문의로서 시카고의 쿡카운티병원에서 25, 그후 빅토리메모리얼병원과 비스타헬쓰시스템에서 20여년간 근무후 특별공로상을 받으며2012년에 은퇴하였다. 박사 자신도 이화시절 특대생장학금으로 공부하며 의대 교육을 성공적으로 마칠 있었기에, 항상 간직하고 있던 모교에 대한 깊은 감사의 마음으로 미력이나마 후배 양성에 도움이 되고자 국제재단에 장학기금을 세웠다. 그녀는여성들만의 자유로운 분위기와 아름다운 교정에서 구김살없이 젊음의 꿈을 키우던 이화 시절, 친구들과 6년간 쌓은 우정, 선후배간의 끈끈한 유대가 반세기가 흐른 지금의 삶에도 원동력이 되고 있다 말한다. 그래서이화가 세계 최고 수준의 여자대학을 지향하며 그에 상응하는 우수하고 능력있는 후배들을 양성할 있도록, 우리 이화의 동문들이 모교를 사랑하는 마음으로 장학기금 모금에 적극 동참하기를 바란다 밝힌다.   

Ok Kyun & YoungMoo Cho Kim Scholarship Fund

Photo: Mrs. YoungMoo Cho Kim 

Mrs. Youngmoo Cho Kim(’66 Nutritional Science and Food Management) studied at University of Minnesota and  received M.S. and completed Ph.D. course at University of Texas at Dallas. After working as a toxicologist at U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for 28 years, she retired last year. She is married to Dr. Ok Kyun Kim, who runs an antenna manufacturing company. They have supported their Alma Mater including the University of Illinois and Michigan State University where Dr. O. K. Kim studied.

조영무 동창(’66 식품영양학) 이화를 졸업하고 미국으로 유학을 와서, 텍사스대학에서 Ph.D. 과정을 마친 환경보호기관에서 독물학자로 28년간 일한 2015년에 은퇴하였다. 부군인 김옥균 박사는 서울공대, 일리노이공대를 거쳐 미시간주립대학에서 박사학위를 받고, 안테나생산회사를 설립하여 운영하다가 2010년에 은퇴하였다.

Q. Background on establishing the fund

“When we came to the States to study, we only had $50 in our hands. However, with the scholarships offered by the schools, we were able to successfully finish our degrees while raising two children,” she said. They have given back to the other schools in the appreciation for the benefit that they received. Now, to show their appreciation for Ewha’s support, they established a scholarship fund for the Department of Nutritional Science and Food Management.   

Mrs. Youngmoo Cho Kim said, “As I grow old, I deeply appreciate Ewha for teaching me the basics of Christian faith and the impact it has on my daily life until now.” She wishes the scholarship fund will provide even the slightest financial help to the students so that they can focus on the studies. She added, “I hope that the alumnae in the U.S. and Canada, in the best that they can, could support the Ewha students. I am deeply proud of the fact that Ewha Womans University is a higher education institution for women that spreads and grows Christianity.

Q. 기금을 설립하신 이유

우리는 1960년대에  단돈 $50 들고 유학을 와서 여러 학교로부터 장학금을 받아 자녀 둘을 키우며 공부했습니다. 우리들이 다닌 학교들에 감사하는 마음으로 보답하고 싶어서, 학교들을 후원하고 있습니다. 이화여자대학교 식품영향학과를 위해 장학기금을 세운 것도, 그렇게 되갚는 노력의 일환으로 일입니다.” 동창은 나이가 들수록, 모교 이화여대가 자신에게 기독교의 기본 정신을 가르쳐 준데 대해 깊이 감사를 하게 된다고 말한다. “매일의 일상생활에서, 이화에서 받은 기독교 교육이 영향을 미치는 점에 대해 가장 감사하고 있다 한다.

이번에 국제재단에 세운 김옥균/조영무장학기금이 이화의 재학생들에게 조금이라도 경제적으로 도움이 되어, 학생들이 걱정없이 학업에 열중할 있기를 바란다는 조영무 동창은미주에 사는 동창들이, 각자 있는 최선을 다해, 후배들이 미래를 꿈꾸며 정진하는 데에 도움이 되면 좋겠다면서 동창들의 장학금 후원을 호소하였다. 그녀는기독교 정신을 펼치는 자랑스런 여성교육기관인 모교가 계속 발전할 있기를바란다.