Former Foundation board member Mrs. Mi Hwa Yoo Hong (’66 English) from Houston, TX, (who now lives in Newport Beach, CA), has established a permanently restricted fund on April 19, 2021 with an initial gift of $35,000. She has pledged to give another $35,000 in the coming year and then an additional $30,000 in 2023 so that the fund may reach its goal amount of $100,000 within three years. With this pledge she has joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society. This fund will be allocated to Christian Medical students in need of financial aid. Mrs. Hong said, “I am so delighted to finally establish the scholarship fund which I longed for during the eight years I served the Foundation board. Then, we had to fulfill the pledges my husband made to various schools and organizations. Now, that I have kept almost all of the promises he made while he was alive, I would like to turn to my Alma Mater and support Ewha.” During her tenure on the board she was known for consistently going the extra mile for the Ewha International Alumnae Endowment.

(Photo: Mrs. MiHwaYoo Hong & Dr. Waun Ki)