Mrs. Youn Cho Minn (’61 Pharmacy) from New York, NY, established a permanently restricted scholarship fund on July 29, 2021. With aninitial gift of $5,000 and a goal amount of $70,000. It will be a general scholarship fund for the students in need of financial assistance. Her deceased husband Dr. Minn was a generous person to underprivileged people. “My husband’s assistant often called me and complained that he treated a patient without charge. When I asked him about it in the evening, he always answered the patient had no money. That’s why all of my children look up to him so highly and are proud of their father”, said Mrs. Minn.She expressed that she hopes to be a help for students in need without regard for her own possessions. When the goal is reached, only the investment income will be used for the scholarship.

(Photo: Mrs. Youn Cho Minn & Dr. Sang Kee)