On December 10, 2020, Dr. Moon Sook Choi-Chung in Sylva, NC, established a scholarship fund with an initial gift of $10,000. She graduated Ewha University Medical School in 1966. With Dr. Choi-Chung’s generous gift, the students of the College of Medicine will be able to study without financial worries. The goal amount will be decided at a later date. After the goal amount is reached, the total interest and income will be used as scholarships for students majoring in Medicine. Dr. Choi-Chung is delighted and thankful to see the development and accomplishments of both Ewha University and the hospitals of today. She has always had Ewha in her heart and felt indebted to the institution. Now, she thinks that it is time to pay back to the university which played a pivotal role in shaping her into the person she is today. Thus, she set up this permanently restricted fund, which she named after herself and her deceased husband. In her words, “I am blessed that I can help Ewha”.

(Photo: Drs. Moon Sook Choi-Chung &IlWhan Chung, and their sons Chris and Charles)