Dr. Jungsil Cho Ro (’72 Med), a board member in Houston, TX, and her husband Dr. Jae Yoon Ro established a permanently restricted fund on December 31, 2020. With their initial gift of $10,000 and a goal amount of $100,000, they have joined the Helen Kim Leadership Society. After the goal amount is reached, the investment income from the principal will be used for the Jungsil Cho & Jae Yoon Ro Scholarship for the Medical School. Dr. Ro realized that there have been many underprivileged students in the Medical School. “The tuition for Medical School has been very high for many students. Today, some medical schools in the U.S. and a school in Korea waive the tuition for their education. I hope that Ewha Medical School becomes a tuition free school like those schools in the future. My gift could be just a small addition in establishing such a direction”, said Dr. Ro. 

(Photo: Drs. Jae Yoon & Jungsil Cho Ro)