Dr. Youngdahl Song and Dr. Joulja Juliet Kim Song (’65 Med) established a fund with an original gift of $310,000 in August 2021. The gift of $300,000 is for a permanently restricted fund and the remaining$10,000 in the temporary fund will be allocated to the inaugural scholarship disbursement in 2021. In honor of their passion for the medical field, the fund will be distributed through full-tuition scholarships to students enrolled at the Medical College who are in need of financial aid with a good academic standing. The incoming freshwomen will also be eligible for the scholarship. “We firmly believe in the value of education at Ewha W. University has provided Joulja with a sound basis upon which she built her successful career as an anesthesiologist in the United States. We would like to give the same opportunity to students at Ewha Medical College.”, Dr. Youngdahl Song said. Dr. Joulja Juliet Kim Song retired in 2004 and Dr. Youngdahl Song in 1997 and now live in Florida. They have three daughters (Arleen, Julie, and Paula) who are all professionally active.

(Photo: Drs. Youngdahl & Jeol-ja Kim Song, their daughters Arleen, Julie and Paula from left.)