Message from Dr. Marc Mullinax

Recently I served as a full-time professor in the Christian Studies and Theology Departments at Ewha Womans University. Class sizes ranged from 3 to 103, from freshmen to graduate students.

My students, as you and I do, all seek to work out what makes for a meaningful life. Am I getting the right education? Am I preparing for the right job? The right marriage? What is the key to a life that is without question the best one possible? These questions are really important for some of my students, for they feel the urgency of the day. One student told me directly, “What I do this day is crucial, for I am exchanging a day of my life for it.”

I held daily office hours in the Ewha Campus Center. Some days my table outside Dr. Robbin’s Coffee Shop was busy! Usually, my students wanted to know how best to study for tests, or read a hard passage I had assigned.

The students I remember now, however, all shared a similar question, asked uniquely in her own voice: How do I serve God and my fellow human beings in my one precious life?

Is not this our question? We may have aged beyond those intense years of questioning, but does not this question of living a meaningful life still accompany us? If we do not pay attention to this question, we wake up years later, wondering, “What happened to my life?”

The reason I serve as a university professor, and on the IFEWU Board of Trustees, is to keep this question alive. A young woman’s time at Ewha University is an intense time of self-discovery, of spreading her wings and learning to be her own person. Perhaps you who are reading know of this directly; it is your autobiography. What we all know, directly or otherwise, is when a person is relieved of financial pressure, she is more able to focus on this question directly, and with more clarity.

Let me share my vocation with you. It is one of creating conditions where young people can ask most clearly the questions that will determine their life. Please join me, in creating the situations among future Ewha students, so they may ask the meaningful questions that will determine how their lives go. I invite you to join me and joining forces, with these students.

Dr. Marc Mullinax,
President International Foundation for EWU, Inc.