How to Donate

The International Foundation for Ewha Woman University, Inc is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization. There are a number of ways in which you can contribute that will maximize the tax exempt benefits to yourself while contributing to Ewha.

Gifts to the Endowment Fund

If you have assets that have substantially increased in value, you could avoid capital gains tax while receiving a full charitable deduction for the current value of the asset by making a gift.

Trusts and Split-Interest Gifts

Instead of an outright gift, you may prefer to make a grant in trust. For those who have the means or know someone who does, we ask you to consider a present day gift of a “split interest” (as opposed to an outright) gift. This would not only benefit the University, but would also provide immediate financial benefits to you in the form of tax deductions, and possibly future benefits in reduced estate taxes. There are two types of split-interest trusts:

  • A “Charitable Remainder Trust” is a trust in which the donor retains an income for life (or for a number of years) for him/herself and/or another, at the end of which time the principal goes to the charity. With a Charitable Remainder Trust, you can retain the income while receiving 1) an immediate tax deduction for the value of the charitable “remainder” (i.e., the value of what is left over for the charity), 2) avoid a potentially steep capital gains tax, and 3) avoid possible estate tax.

  • For those who do not need to retain the income but wish to benefit their loved ones after their death, there is a “Charitable Lead Trust;” i.e., a device by which the donor surrenders income that he/she really does not need, to a charity for a period of years or for life. Upon the termination of a predetermined period, the balance goes to his/her beneficiary. This results in 1) no income tax on the income that goes to the charity, and 2) reduced gift and estate taxes, since the bequest will be discounted to “present value”.
Bequests & The Helen Kim Heritage Society

Another option is to include a bequest to International Foundation for Ewha Womans University, Inc. in your will. If your estate is subject to estate taxes, such a charitable bequest is deductible.

To make a charitable gift in the form of personal property (such as a stock transfer), please contact our treasurer. To arrange for a trust or a bequest, we suggest you contact your attorney or accountant.

We have established the Helen Kim Heritage Society for the donors who include Ewha Foundation in their will.

Giving Ideas

The donor can designate criteria (within legal bounds) for how the funds will be awarded. For example, alumnae frequently designate that funds from their endowments be made available only to students who are majoring in the same field as the donor. Many alumnae who cannot give sufficient amount to establish their own funds contribute money to an existing scholarship funds with their desired criterion. Presently at the Foundation, there are scholarship funds for students majoring in Dance, Voice, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Education, English, Engineering, Law, Asian Studies (Summer School), Home Economics, Fashion Design, Business Administration, Christian Studies, Physical Education, Social Work, French Literature, Chemistry, and Architecture. 

Also, donors can determine a special condition, such as: scholarship for Christian students, needy students, students with good GPA, students from rural area, Korean American students or non-Korean American/Canadian students (both at Ewha International Summer School), graduate students who are styding in USA, etc. 

You can establish a fund in memory or honor of your parent, family member, teacher, friend, etc. There are Helen Kim Memorial Scholarship Fund, Ogkill Kim Memorial Scholarship Fund and others at the Foundation. From Alaska to Washington D.C., 28 alumnae local chapters established scholarship funds in their name. 

Give by Harvesting Losses

Like many others, Ms. “Y” didn’t have a good year in the stock market. There were a lot of losers in her portfolio she wanted to let go. To get the maximum tax benefit from these, she should not give them directly to Ewha. Instead, she should sell them, harvest the losses to offset taxable gains from this year, and send the proceeds to Ewha. If she were to contribute the depreciated stock to Ewha, she would have lost the tax opportunity.

손실을 이용하면서 기부한다. 다른 사람들처럼 Y 씨 역시 지난 1년간 주식 하락을 경험하였다. 가치가 떨어져 팔고 싶은 주식이 많이 생겼다. 그런데 이 하락한 주식을 팔지 않은 채 그대로 이화국제재단에 기부하면 세금 공제 혜택을 제대로 누릴 수 없다. 주식을 판 뒤, 세금을 내야 하는 이득과 손실을 상쇄한 후에 이화에 기부해야 세금 헤택을 받을 수 있다.

Help small fully-restricted funds grow

Ms. “Y” doesn’t want to give a large endowment to establish a scholarship, herself. However, she can help to support other existing scholarship funds that need to reach certain minimums before their income can be used for students. She can give a small sum to support one fund of her choice or ask the IFEW administrator to divide the money among several funds.

Whatever choice Ms. “Y” makes, she is already smiling. By making her donations through the International Foundation for Ewha Womans University, she benefits from U.S. tax-deduction laws for charitable giving. She feels better knowing that she has a number of ways to help students who are facing more challenging economic hardships than herself. Ewha Womans University would be grateful for any choice she makes.

소규모의 지정기금들이 자라도록 돕는다. Y 씨는 장학기금을 별도로 설립할 만큼 많은 기부를 하고 싶지는 않다. 이런 경우, Y 씨는 기존의 다른 장학기금이 자라도록 도울 수 있다. 어느 정도 액수가 확보되어야 실제로 장학금으로 쓰일 수 있는 작은 기금들을 돕는 것으로 기부를 하면, 학생들에게 실질적인 도움을 줄 수 있다. 적은 액수라도 장학금으로 기부하고 싶다면 국제재단 내의 어느 한 기금을 선택하여 기부하거나, 여러 기금에 나누어서 기부할 수 있다. 국제재단 사무실에 연락하면 자세한 안내를 받을 수 있다.

Y 씨가 이 중 어떤 선택을 하였던지 Y 씨는 기쁘게 이화를 도울 수 있게 되었다. 이화여자대학교 국제재단에 기부를 하면, 미국 세금 공제의 혜택을 받으며 한국에 있는 학교를 도울 수 있다. 자신보다 더 어려운 처지에서도 열심히 공부하는 이화의 학생들을 떠올리며 Y 씨는 행복해졌다. 이화도 Y 씨에게 감사할 것이다.

Make a donation

The Foundation is a non-profit organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. We accept gifts of cash or personal property. Future gifts may also be made through Bequests in a Will, Life Insurance Beneficiary, Life Estate Agreements, or through a Trust. Memorial and Honorary Gifts are a nice way to acknowledge and remember those you know. Contributions may be increased if you or your spouse are employed by a company with a Matching Gift Program (please contact your company for information).

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