Message from Heisook Kim

Dear Supporters and Friends of Ewha,

I would first like to thank God for allowing Ewha to walk with our supporters and friends throughout our history. I extend my sincerest appreciation for your unwavering selfless dedication to Ewha; whenever Ewha needed help, you were always there with us. The deep gratitude of the Ewha community towards our friends cannot be expressed in words.

Last year, Ewha underwent grave hardship that was unprecedented in Ewha’s history. Still, we remember Ewha’s pioneering history as the first modern educational institution for women in Korea has been full of daunting challenges to create a new path against obstinate social norms. This time again, Ewha’sindomitable courage sparked the nationwide civil movement proving that the spirit of Ewha, which has always stood at the forefront of the times, is alive and well in our current times.

As the newly appointed president of Ewha through a direct electoral system with all members of Ewha involved, I pledge that I shall seek from our unfortunate experiences of the past year an opportunity for Ewha’s leap into a new future creating a new opportunity for growth armed with new determination and new hopes.

Even though we cannot afford to linger in the glory of the past, we all must clearly recognize Ewha’s place as the world’s biggest and most comprehensive women’s university. Only when we acquire a keen awareness of this standing as a singular women’s university like no other in the world, will we be able to claim our collective calling and responsibility as innovative designers of a new world. Ewha’s strength lies in taking the untrodden path.

It has been incumbent on Ewha to provide women with more opportunity for higher education and to foster women leaders in the field hitherto defined as fitting for men. But this reason thereof Ewha is almost exhausted by the increase in the number of female students in co-ed universities in Korea. Now it is high time to extend the vision that originated Ewha to enlighten those brilliant though living underprivileged females in the neglected world sectors. Another challenge I would like to take seriously for Ewha is to preempt the coming of the 4th industrial revolution by preparing students for the age of science and technology. The intellectual and educational preparation in the field of technology is especially important for women not to fall into the second-citizenship once again.   

Equipped with a university system with predictability, transparency and fairness, a school that provides an optimal learning and research environment for excellent women and thereby attracts the most outstanding female talents from all around the world—that will be the future of Ewha.

But this is not a task that I can accomplish alone. It is something that we all need to achieve together with a single heart. Even though we may falter and wander from time to time, we must keep our gaze focused on Ewha’s singular identity as a university unlike any other in the world.

I ask in all sincerity for your joining me on the path toward the future of this new Ewha.May God grant complete restoration to Ewha.


Heisook Kim
President, Ewha Womans University