Message from EunMee Kim

Dear Friends and Supporters of Ewha:

Greetings from EwhaWomans University! It is an honor and privilege to write this letter to you as the 17th President of EwhaWomans University. I am humbled by the history and dedication to women’s education based on the Christian spirit of love and devotion in this magnificent institution of higher education, which began with one student who needed healing and education to survive in the harshness of 19th century Chosun. 

I am deeply moved by the International Foundation for EwhaWomans University, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2020. We are enormously proud that the International Foundation is the first to be established abroad of all universities in South Korea. What vision and courage to start this Foundation when no one thought beyond the borders of South Korea! Ewha has its beginning with international efforts and support, which came from the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of the United Methodist Church in the US. Mrs. Mary F. Scranton saw the need for women’s education in Chosun and begun the “EwhaHakdang” in 1886, and one year later in 1887 opened the first women’s hospital, “Po Goo NyoGoan” to help heal women in Chosun who could not receive medical care simply because they were women.

So, it is not surprising that the International Foundation was established 51 years ago, in the spirt of friendship and support that went beyond our national borders. Ewha is a global institution and the International Foundation is the embodiment of Ewha’s global history, present and future. Congratulations and thank you very much for your dedication and support!

Today, Ewha, which has been contributing to women’s education around the world, is now faced with tremendous challenges. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives and our social existence, and in particular forever changed the way we educate and train at the University. Ewha is no exception, and we have begun new changes to our educational hardware as well as software. We will also work hard to reposition Ewha’s research with global excellence. We will invest in our research capability to continue to nurture our fields of excellence while at the same time invest in new areas where there is potential for future growth necessary for our students’ education and training.

Please stand by us and help create a brighter future for Ewha as we move forward and upward with a new vision, “Prestigious Ewha in the New Era.”

May God’s grace and guidance be with you always.


EunMee Kim, Ph.D.
President, Ewha Womans University