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There are about 165 funds established by individuals or groups, including 30 local alumnae chapter funds, in the international Foundation for Ewha W. University. Amongst these funds, there are funds set specifically to support certain colleges within the university: Medical School Research Fund, College of Pharmacy Fund, Nursing Science Scholarship Fund, and Engineering Scholarship Fund.

이화 국제재단에는 135개의 개인 혹은 그룹이 세운 각종 기금과 30 여개의 동창지회가 설립한 기금이 있습니다. 이 중에는 전공별 기금도 많이 있습니다. 그중에서 전공대학을 틀별히 지원하기 위해 세워진 기금들이 있습니다. 의과대학기금, 약학대학기금, 간호과학대학기금, 공과대학기금이 그것입니다. 이 기금들을 소개합니다.

Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship
Established in memory of Dr. Alice Appenzeller, these scholarships are available to eligible Ewha graduates to pursue further study in the United States. Learn more

Gloria Hahn Memorial Scholarship
Established in memory of Mrs. Gloria Hahn, this scholarship is available to eligible Korean- American U.S. undergraduate or graduate students for tuition to attend the Ewha International Summer School in Seoul. Learn more

Ewha International Alumnae Endowment
IFEWU has been proudly promoting the 'one million dollar international Ewha Alumnae Endowment Fund' project, which began in 2012 in preparation for Ewha's 130th Anniversary in 2016. As of Sep 30, 2017, this fund has reached $798,000! Learn more

Alumnae Chapter Scholarship at a Glance 
Learn more

Ai Ryung Kwon Lee Scholarship General
Appenzeller Memorial Scholarship Study in US for Korean Student in Christian Service in the field of education
Barbara Eunok Yang Choi Scholarship Fund Arts and Design
Bongsook Jun Scholarship Fund General
Drs. Bumsun Hyang Won Lee Medical Scholarship Fund For development of the Ewan Medical School or Medical Center
Byung Joon & Bok Hyung Lee Scholarship Dance
C. S. Park Scholarship Medicine
Chang Ho & Song Nam Choe Suk Scholarship Fund General
Chang-Hyun Shin Geer Scholarship Education
Dr. Chang Shub Roh & Myung Ja Kim Scholarship Sociology
Chang Woon Huh Scholarship Fund General
Charles W. Choi & Grace Cho Choi Memorial Scholarship General
Choon-Hi Choi Kahng Memorial Scholarship Pharmacy
Choung Cha Cho Scholarship  General
Chung Browning Scholarship Music
Chung Hi Oh Scholarship General
Chung Hie Sim Scholarship English
Chung Song Kim Scholarship Rural Work
Chungnim Choi Han Memorial Scholarship General
Constance Y. Pak Scholarship To encourage international students to study at Ewha
Cook-Hazard Scholarship General
Edna Van Fleet & Thomas Hobbs Scholarship General
Elizabeth Meredith Lee Scholarship General
Elizabeth S. Mitchell Scholarship General
Engineering School Scholarship Engineering
Estelle Hillman Scholarship Nursing
Florence M. Trull Memorial Scholarship English
Foley-Chasin Scholarship Law
Gary & Seungsoon Konarska Scholarship Music
General Scholarship General
Gerald T. O'Mara Scholarship General
Gloria Hahn (Kim Ronyoung) Memorial Scholarship Asian Studies
Drs. Hai Won Chang & Soon Man Rhim Scholarship Pharmacy
Hak He Rhee & Chong Soo Pyun Scholarship Medicine
Hannah Campbell Meadors Memorial Scholarship General
Harriett P. Morris Memorial Scholarship Home Economics
Harry and Harriet Kassop Scholarship General
Hee Myung Lee Han Scholarship Fashion Design
Heeyul Lee Cho Scholarship Medicine
Helen Kim Memorial Scholarship General
Henrietta Gibson Ledden Memorial Scholarship General
Henry Oh Memorial Scholarship General (needs)
Heung Sook Kim M.D. Scholarship Fund Medical students who are interested in medical mission works
Hong, Kwang Eun Scholarship Fund General
Hong, Kyung Joo Scholarship Pharmacy
Dr. Hoo-Jung Yoon Scholarship General
Hwain Chang Lee Scholarship General
Hwaja Lee Rhee Scholarship Medical School
Hye Sook Chang Scholarship Education
Hyun Sook Lee Memorial Scholarship Music
Ii Sook Chung Scholarship General
In Hee Ryu Scholarship General
Inshil Sohn Moon Scholarship General
Jaeun Park Scholarship Fund Christian Students (General)
Dr. J. Robert and Yuh-Heup Kim Halma Scholarship Christian Students (General)
Jin Sung & Young Il Shin Chung Scholarship Fund General
John D. Yun Scholarship Medicine
Jong H. Lee CPA Scholarship Business Administration
Julia K. Wilke Scholarship General
Jung-Nam Jin Memorial Scholarship General
Jung Ae Kim Memorial Scholarship Medicine
Jung Hwa Lee Park Scholarship Fund English
Kathleen Crane Memorial Scholarship English
Kathryne B. Sears Scholarship Christian Work
Keun Hee Park Lim Scholarship Fund Medicine
Kilchai K. Yim Fund II (Memorial Scholarship Fund) General
Kim and El-Mallawany Family Scholarship Fund Muslim Students
Kyongja Choi Cho Scholarship General
Dr. Kyung-Ae Kim Hahn Scholarship Fund Medicine
Laura Mae Ehman Memorial Scholarship Home Economics
Mai Young Park Suhr Scholarship General
Malye Yoon Scholarship Pharmacy
Mamie Lee Finger Scholarship General
Margaret Billingsley Scholarship General
Margaret Okhi Park Choun Scholarship Pharmacy
Marian Sharrocks Intemann Scholarship Christian Students (G)
Marie Bale Scholarship General
Marie Haigwood Scholarship Education
Marion Conrow Memorial Scholarship English
Mark Gaston Scholarship General (needs)
Mee Sang Ahn Chang Scholarship General
Michael Hahm & Byoung Dai Lim Scholarship General
Mindy Haekyung Koh Kwon Scholarship Fund General
Drs. Moonja Chung & Chanjong Park Medical Fund Medical School
Myrta Stover Scholarship Physical Education
Myung S. Lee Min (a.k.a. Horn Min) Scholarship General
Myung Sook Ha Chung Scholarship General
Myung Soon Woo Chung Scholarship Voice (Music)
Dr. OckSoon Lee Sohn Scholarship Fund TBD
Okgill Kim Memorial Scholarship General (needs)
Ok Hee Won Scholarship Medicine
Mr. & Mrs. P. William Lee Scholarship Education (Childhood)
Peggy Billings Scholarship General
Sadie Maude Moore Scholarship Christian Studies
Sang Chang Scholarship General
Seon Choo Chung Kim Scholarship General
Bishop Sharon Zimmerman Rader Scholarship Fund North American Students to study at Ewha
Shin Hyung Kim Memorial Scholarship Social Work
Sollie E. McCreless Memorial Scholarship General
Sook Hie Han Memorial Scholarship General
Sook Hyun Lee Scholarship General (needs)
Steve Seihun Kang Memorial Fund Ewha Students to study in US
Sung Hak Lee Choi Scholarship General
Sunwha Hong Scholarship Medical School
Susan Ruby Lamb Memorial Scholarship General
Mrs. Tae Sook Chung Nam Scholarship Fund General
The Eldridge and Velma Maynor Scholarship Christian Education
The Whilsmith Memorial Scholarship General
Vivian Youngja Kang Scholarship General
Yaun Dahm Yoo Han Scholarship Christian Work
Yong Wook Shinn Memorial Scholarship Engineering
Yoo Pyung Chi Rella Scholarship Medicine
Dr. Young-Hee Lowe Scholarship Pharmacy
Dr. Young Mo & Sang Yeon Kim Lee Scholarship Nursing
Young Sook Choy Scholarship French
Young-Sook Ryu Lee Scholarship US students to study at Ewha
Young Sun Lee & Wan Bok Choi Scholarship General
Young Whan Park Scholarship Architecture
Young Za Kim Scholarship General
Yun Ae Kyun Scholarship Fund General
Yun Hee Park ('68) School of Pharmacy Fund Pharmacy (C/N)
YungBok Park Koh Scholarship English (N)
Bishop Sharon Z Rader Scholarship
Southern, California Alumnae Summer School Scholarship  
Dr. Ira & Chang Hyun Shin Scholarship  
Alaska Alumnae General
Arizona Alumnae General
Atlanta Alumnae General
Baltimore Alumnae General
Boston Alumnae General
Buffalo Alumnae General
Cincinnati Alumnae General
Denver Alumnae                         General
Detroit Alumnae General
Houston Alumnae General
Kansas Alumnae General
Las Vegas Alumnae General
Lehigh Valley Alumnae General
Minnesota Alumnae                     General
New York Alumnae General &
Exchange Program for faculty members
N.E. Pennsylvania Alumnae General
Northeaster Ohio Alumnae General (needs)
Oregon Alumnae                            General
Philadelphia Alumnae  General
Rhode Island Alumnae          General
San Diego Alumnae  Participants of Ewha International Summer Program
San Francisco Alumnae General
Seattle Alumnae  General
Southern California Alumnae General
St. Louis Alumnae General
Toronto Alumnae General
Vancouver Alumnae General
Washington, D.C. Alumnae                      General
Appenzeller Award Fund May Day Celebration to an outstanding woman in Korea who contributed to Korean Christianity
Chicago Alumnae Fund TBD
College of Pharmacy Fund College of Pharmacy
Dr. Young Sook Park Medical Research Fund Medical Research at the Medical College of Ewha
Endowment for Administration Fiscal Operation of the Fdn Office
Eunice Beene Memorial Fund TBD
Ewha International Alumnae Endowment Upon request from Ewha
Kilchai K. Yim Fund I (Administration Fund) Scholarship and Office Maintenance of the Fdn
Library Fund Books for Ewha Library
Medical Library Fund For medical books
Medical Research Fund Research at the College of Medicine
Moon Ja Minn Suhr Dance Award Endowment Dance
Pfeiffer Endowment Fund Maintenance of Pfeiffer Hall
Reserve Fund to be expensed as directed by BD members

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