Helen Kim Society

Dr. Helen Kim, the 7th president of Ewha from 1939 to 1961, was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to prosper Ewha and open up the future for young women of Korea. Forty years ago in 1970, Dr. Helen Kim and a group of friends from North America gathered together to dream a dream- a big dream. They formed a Foundation that would assemble resources and funds, provide scholarship assistance, and tell the story of a small but mighty university: Ewha Womans University. Throughout the decades, many others have joined and participated in supporting the growth of Ewha and the Foundation.

Forty years later, in 2010, International Foundation of Ewha Womans University launches Helen Kim Society in memory of Dr. Kim's dedication and love for Ewha and commemoration of the Foundation's 40 years service.  

The Society consists of two parts: the "Helen Kim Heritage Society" includes donors who include Ewha foundation in their will, and the "Helen Kim Leadership Society" includes donors who give over $100,000 for scholarships. The members will be awarded with the "Alice Appenzeller Award" (an honoring certificate), which recognizes the special role of Alice Appenzeller in the history of the Foundation. With special acknowledgement by the Foundation President, your name will be published in the Newsletter as well as the Website.

The generous gifts are used to support deserving students in need of financial assistance.

In recognition of your contribution, the IFEW wishes to:

  1. invite you to be a life-long member of "Helen Kim Heritage Society" (will), or the "Helen Kim Leadership Society" (donations over $100,000)
  2. acknowledge you in the newsletter and the website
  3. give you the Alice Appenzeller Award (honorary certificate). This award recognizes the special role of Alice Appenzeller in the history of the Foundation.

All donations are tax-deductible. Please consult with your estate advisor/lawyer for details.

These generous gifts are used to support deserving students in need of financial assistance.

헬렌킴 소사이어티(HLS):

헬렌킴 헤리티지 소사이어티(HKHS)와 헬렌킴 리더쉽 소사이어티(HKLS)

김활란 박사(헬렌 킴)는 이화여자대학교 제 7대 총장(1939 - 1961)으로서, 이화를 위해 그리고 한국의 젊은 여성들의 미래를 위해 헌신적인 삶을 바친 위대한 분이었다. 지금으로부터 40년전인 1970년, 김활란 박사와 북미주에 거주하는 그녀의 친구들은 커다란 꿈을 꾸며 함께 모여 국제재단을 설립하였다. 이 재단은 자원과 기금을 모아 장학금을 제공하며, 작지만 뛰어난 대학 곧 이화여자대학교에 대한 이야기를 전파하기 시작하였다. 수십년 역사가 지나면서 많은 사람들이 이 일에 참여하여 이화와 국제재단을 지원하고 키워왔다.
40년 후인2010년, 이화여자대학교 국제재단은 헬렌킴 소사이어티를 창설하였다. 이화를 위한 김활란 박사의 헌신과 사랑을 기억하며 재단의 40년 역사를 기념하기 위한 것이다. 헬렌킴 소사이어티는 크게 두 그룹으로 나뉜다.

"헬렌킴 헤리티지 소사이어티"는 이화국제재단에 유증을 남기기로 약정하는 그룹이며, "헬렌킴 리더쉽 소사이어티"는 10만불 이상의 장학기금을 설립하였거나 약정한 그룹이다. 헬렌킴 소사이어티 회원에게는, 앨리스 아펜젤러 증서가 영예로 수여된다. 앨리스 아펜젤러는 이화대학의 제6대 총장(1922 - 1939) 으로서, 1933년 오하이오주 신시내티의 여성그룹을 모은 것으로 시작하여, 이화가 신촌캠퍼스 시대를 열 수있도록 재정적인 기반을 마련하였다. 이 기금을 모금한 사람들이 모여 후에 재미이화협동이사회(Ewha Cooperating Board of North America)가 되었으며, 이 위원회는 국제재단의 전신이 되었다. 소사이어티 회원 명단은 국제재단의 뉴스레터와 웹사이트에 공개된다.   

헬렌킴 소사이어티로 조성되는 기금은 재정적인 도움을 절실히 필요로 하는 이화의 학생들을 위해 쓰일 것이다. 헬렌킴 소사이어티 가입이나 다양한 기금 설립 및 이화대학 후원에 대한 문의는 국제재단 사무실로 연락하여 안내받을 수 있다. 모든 기금은 미국세청의 501 (C) (3) 코드에 의거하여 세제 혜택을 받는다.

Helen Kim Leadership Society

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